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Activities and Tidbits
Press Conference of 2021 Gaming Service Index (GSI)
Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022

There is an upward trend from the base of 100 points in 2013 to 2020 Q4 and remained steady in 2021 Q4. Due to the pandemic, SGS arranged all mystery shopping visits in Q4; with a total visit of 864 conducted in two rounds. The average performance in these two rounds was 130, which remained the same as last year.
This year, SGS collected 624 data from Cotai and 240 from Macau Peninsula. The data supported to generate two GSI indexes corresponding to Cotai and Macau Peninsula. Macau Peninsula GSI index kept rising since 2019 Q4 and reached to the historical high of 139 in 2021 Q4. In contrast, the Cotai GSI index had a volatile performance in the recent years. GSI index in Cotai and Macau Peninsula were similar this year.
Performance of table game (dealer) had a slight drop in 2021 Q4, with the index standing at 130.
Press Release (Chinese), Press Release (English), GSI 2021 Report


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